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Everything you ever needed to know about diving in, visiting or living in Bermuda. Bermuda - all about diving in Bermuda

Click Bermuda map to enlarge (NEW WINDOW)Bermuda is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and offers some amazing diving opportunities.  Bermuda is an island in the Atlantic Ocean 650 miles west of Hilton Head, South Carolina.  The island is not actually in the Caribbean which is a common misconception.  Bermuda is situated directly in the gulf stream which blows all that nice warm Caribbean air north, right at our island.  We are 33 square miles of land situated amongst several connected islands.  Very narrow and only 21 miles long, you will be surprised to find that we proclaim 300 sq miles of dive-able reefs that are home to more than 350 wrecks and thousands of species of fish and countless other marine/aquatic life.

Diving in Bermuda

Flag of Bermuda.We feature diving on a wide variety of many old wrecks dating back hundreds of years and have natural attractions to hold your diving attention for weeks.  There are several very good diving businesses on the island so you have your choice of accredited PADI scuba diving companies from St. George's to Dockyard.

Complete List of Bermuda Dive Boats & Shops [click here]

Information about diving in Bermuda

"If you think that Bermuda is a beautiful island above the water, you have to take the plunge and experience a whole new world of wrecks and marine life.  You can find it too, just below the surface."  ~Destination Bermuda magazine 2006/2007

The iconic image of Bermuda is of pink beaches and turquoise waters.  But there is a whole underwater world here too that many visitors never get to witness.

Ask any 'diver in Bermuda' and he or she will attest that our pink beaches and turquoise seas are just as beautiful underwater as they are above.  Not only are Bermuda's reefs the northernmost in the Atlantic, our winter water conditions are surprisingly benign for a destination so far north.  Water temperatures range from 7 - 80 degrees in the summer, going down to the mid - 60s in the winter.  Visibility in the winter is superb with 70 - 100 feet visibility extending to 150 - 200 feet on a good day.  Bermuda's reef system is healthy and magnificent and is home to a bewildering quantity of reef life.  warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, the ocean life is surprisingly similar to that in the Caribbean.   [more...]

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Most Popular Bermuda Diving Companies

  • Triangle Diving
    Diving information for scuba divers. PADI instruction and MORE! Dive Resort - Bermuda11 Blue Hole Hill, Grotto Bay Beach Hotel, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda · 441-293-7319
    *  Visit this dive company for scuba instruction or equipment rental. They also lead exploration tours for beginning divers as well as advanced whereby you can investigate beautiful corals, marine life, and shipwrecks.

  • Blue Water Divers Ltd.
    Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget, Bermuda · 441-232-2909
    *  This reputable dive company has branches at the Elbow Beach Hotel and at Robinson's Marina in Sandys. A full PADA certified facility, they can fulfill all of your diving needs.

  • Fantasea Diving
    Albouy’s Point, Hamilton and the Sonesta Beach Hotel, Southampton, Bermuda · 441-236-1300
    *  Explore an underwater fantasyland. The crystal-clear waters of Bermuda are perfect for diving, and this full PADA certified company is well-equipped to provide rentals and instruction.

  • Nautilus Diving
    76 Pittsbay Rd, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda HM CX · 441-295-9485
    *  Nautilus Diving has branches at both of Bermuda's Fairmont hotels - the Fairmont Hamilton Princess and the Fairmont Southampton. Either office will outfit you for a day of exploring coral formations and observing exotic marine life.

Diving in Bermuda - All info - all companies - all fun and excitement.

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Diving in Bermuda - All info - all companies - all fun and excitement.

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